About the band



Staggerford consists of three gentlemen that grew up together in America’s heartland: Riley (vox/guitars/keys), and brothers Ryan (guitars/vox) & Andrew (drums).   Each member pursued music from an early age, and their mutual friendship led to the formation of the band in late 2008. Driven by constant songwriting and experimentation, Staggerford quickly got to work in releasing a 5-song EP, followed by their debut full-length album, Greet the Blinding Light, in February of 2009.

The nature of growing up together includes taking life changes in stride. Such has been the case with Staggerford. After touring the full-length album, life circumstances caused the trio to put the band into a state of hibernation. This amicable parting, however, did little to diminish individual musicianship and the drive for creating new music.

After several years apart, Staggerford reunited in July of 2013 to begin writing and recording a second full-length album. The band has gravitated to an indie pop rock with a nod to the likes of Paper Route, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, and Andrew Belle.

Production continues on the sophomore release at The Hit Lab in Los Angeles, CA.